• Many people are against Lou.

    Some people think that Lou's voice is not at all adapted to the credits of the second season of miraculous.

    People are VERY furious at the change of the song "Miraculous Generic Season 2".

    (See the comments of the video click on YouTube in the video above)


    That's why they decided to do something ...

    Indeed, a petition has been created against Lou, here is the link

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  • Many people are very fond of Lou the famous singer.

    Lou's root of celebrity begins with The Voice Kids.

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  • LOU is a singer of the independent French music scene. LOU is a songwriter and performer.
    Lou is the singer of the generic miraculous of the season 2 which does not delight a lot of fan.
    In fact full of fan that complain of Lou the insult and discourages.
    She to participate in the voice kids and tomorrow belongs to us.

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