• Season 1

    The first season of Miraculous, the adventures of Ladybug and Chat Noir, French-Korean-Japanese animated television series, is broadcasted in France on TF1 from October 19, 2015 to October 30, 2016.


     The series takes place in Paris where Marinette Dupain-Cheng, 14 (at the beginning of the series), a young and ordinary baker girl, and Adrien Agreste, a 14-year-old model (at the beginning of the series) and son of famous fashion designer Gabriel Agreste. At the slightest threat, they turn into Ladybug and Black Cat, a superhero duo protecting Paris from akumas, evil butterflies that turn people into villains by appealing to their negative emotions. At the origin of these akumas is the Papillon, a malevolent creature who dreams of seizing the miraculous (ancient jewels conferring on their possessor powerful powers) Ladybug and Black Cat, but whose real intentions remain mysterious, just like his true identity. However, even if Ladybug and Black Cat team up, they each ignore the true identity of the other: Marinette does not know that behind this mask hides Adrien, the boy she is madly in love with, Adrien, whose heart beats for Ladybug , do not think it's Marinette, his classmate nice and head in the air. Will they discover the truth one day? It remains a mystery.